Acupuncture provides a safe alternative for improving and maintaining health by using the body's energy rather than any medications or Western medical treatments. It has very few side effects, and once the body is in balance, treatments are often not required more than once a year.

Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with Western medicine, therefore overlapping and enhancing the effectiveness of each system of care. Whole Family Medical believes that this comprehensive approach is often the best means of sustaining health and curing ailments, and that acupuncture works best in the hands of an experienced medical doctor.

Acupuncture moves the body’s energy, or ‘qi’, through channels which may be blocked, causing the end result of pain. It also helps the body produce its own natural pain killers. Finally, evidence from functional MRI scans shows it actually changes the brain connections. Most patients start to see improvement after 3 to 5 sessions. Some old and chronic problems may require monthly treatments to maintain results. However, most patients improve after as few as 10 sessions and only return as needed to remind the body how to redirect the energy.

We use only sterile, single-use acupuncture needles. 


​American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

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A La Carte & Acupuncture-Only Memberships

You do not need to be a full member patient at Whole Family Medical Care to receive acupuncture care. ​A La Carte Acupuncture sessions are available. Or, starting May 1, 2018, new patients can opt for an Acupuncture-Only membership, and enjoy a savings over A La Carte scheduling.


Set-Up Fee: $360.00

12-Visit Plan: $49.00 per month,  12 months

20-Visit Plan: $67.00 per month,  12 months

Add-On Visits in 5-Visit increments: $270


Set-Up Fee: $258.00

12 Visits: $162 each

20 Visits: $108.00 each

Add-On Visits in 5-Visit increments: Inquire

Download The Latest Acupuncture PDF


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