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Whole Family Medical Care sends an occasional email newsletter to our patients and friends. The newsletters give Dr. Host a great way to to speak to you about general health and wellness issues, as well current public health situations. You do not need to be a patient member to subscribe. We will not share your information with anyone without your permission.

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Newsletter Archive

April 2018:

Medicare Change Could Save You Money on DPC

May 2018:

Want to Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs?

June 2018:

Have a Pain You'd Like to Go Away?

July 2018:

Going Outside?

Don't Forget the SPF

September 2018:

Hand Washing:

The "Do It Yourself" Vaccine

October 2018:

It's Flu Shot Time

November 2018:

Meditation Classes Starting Soon

December 2018:

No Fee Increases for 2019

January 2019:

Time for a New You?

February 2019:

Struggling with Weight Loss?

March 2019:

Women's Health

April 2019:

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure/

Diabetes Management

May 2019:

DPC For Business

June 2019:

Meet Dr. Ketra Ikezuagu

July 2019:

Beat The Heat

September 2019:

Flu Shot Reminder

November 2019:

Marriage Counseling Meeting

December 2019:

Happy Holidays

February 2020:


April 2020:

Virtual Visits

May 2020:

COVID 19 - Next Steps

June 2020:

The COVID 10

August 2020:

Antibody Tests


September 2020:

Flu Shots Available

October 2020:

Get Your Free

Flu Shot Now

November 2020:

Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020

December 2020:

Covid Vaccine Registration

January 2021:

Covid 19 Vaccine Information

February 2021:

Covid 19 Vaccine Update

Newsletter Archive
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