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Direct Primary Care


Be sure to review the Patient Agreement.

Whole Family is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, wholly owned by Dr. Eleanor Host, MD.

DPC is not a franchise or a national medical organization or HMO. DPC is a way for you to improve your wellness and attend to illness and injury with greater efficiency, confidence, and financial security. 

As a DPC medical practice, Whole Family Medical Care does not accept insurance plans on behalf of our patients. 

Your annual patient membership entitles you to the kind of doctor/patient relationship that insurance plans most often reject. Whole Family member-patients see these advantages from our practice:

  • Same-day appointments

  • As many as 99 office visits per year

  • Visits with Dr. Host that can last about 45 minutes if needed, instead of the usually-mandated 15 minutes.

  • Appointments for the entire family in one visit. 

  • Treatment options such as massage, acupuncture, therapy, and weight loss groups.

  • Generic prescription purchases from satellite office at cost or near cost

  • Reduced-price lab tests

Whole Family patients have found that DPC is the way to better personal and family healthcare. Find out more from the links on this page and elsewhere at our website.

Or contact our office using the phone or email link below. 

Read a letter from Dr. Host that explains more of her choice to make Whole Family Medical Care a Direct Primary Care practice.

A Video FAQ is ready for you to view. Dr. Host answers common questions about DPC.

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