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Dr. Eleanor Host

November 1, 2022


Dear Whole Family Member Patient,

I created my Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice to give patients better and more affordable healthcare. DPC allows me to treat fewer patients, give them more time and develop lasting personal relationships.

To meet the challenge of the pandemic, I used technology to stay connected and provide the care you need. Online tools have changed medicine, and allow physicians to conduct thorough examinations virtually. Thank you for embracing these new tools and for your continued membership. I’m committed to providing you with continued virtual services, by phone, email, secure text, and video appointments.

Beginning January 1, 2023, I will no longer be seeing patients in the Perrysburg office. Although I plan to move to Michigan next year, access to my care will remain. I can continue to give you personal one-on-one attention, virtually.

In order to help keep your care with me affordable, I am decreasing and simplifying our prices:

Adult Membership

Monthly fee: $74.00

Each dependent under 26:

$40 (with one adult)

Family Membership

(2 Adults with 2+ kids)

Monthly fee: $188.00

Each dependent under 26:

Not applicable

On occasions when I can’t provide all you need virtually, Dr. Murthy Gokula will be able to see you on my request. He will welcome patients at 11201 Sandusky Street in Perrysburg.

Other services will also remain:

  • Karen Lynn Palicki will still offer yoga classes and massages.

  • Karen Ackerman will continue her psychotherapy.

  • Patients who order their medications can still pick up their medications through Dr. Gokula.

  • I will continue acupuncture in person through January at least.

If you’re not interested in virtual care with me, I hope you will continue your DPC care with Dr. Gokula. He will maintain the current DPC pricing, and ensure that you get the personal attention that DPC provides, rather than accepting lesser care with a different system.

  • If you choose to stay with me, you don’t need to do anything.

  • If you would like to switch to Dr. Gokula, please sign up with his office before January 2023.He can be reached at 419-214-1213.

I’ll continue sending out my monthly newsletters, so keep an eye out for updates. You’re certainly welcome to schedule personal appointments in Michigan, once that office is open. I’d love to see you.

Thank you for putting your trust in Whole Family Medical and helping change the health care system.



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Eleanor J. Host MD

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