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Acupuncture For What Ails You?

I just returned from a fantastic Medical Acupuncture symposium, and can't believe I have been doing acupuncture for 17 years now! When I first started, it was still looked upon skeptically by the scientific community, but since then, there has been a lot of great research showing the effectiveness of acupuncture. One of the presenters showed significant brain changes using functional MRI scanners before and after treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome in patients who got relief of their pain and symptoms. There is also a lot of data showing how it effects the perception of pain in the brain more than we thought it did.

If you have any pain problem and want to feel better, and perhaps reduce or eliminate your pain medication, give acupuncture a try!

My approach is to see the person as a whole and make them the best they can be, including working on diet, exercise, mobility issues, and psychological issues. You really can be better without drugs!

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