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How Does Your Office Experience Compare?

We had a new member family recently experience the service available in a DPC practice. She was able to call the same day to have her 2 year-old daughter and 3 month-old daughter checked out. The toddler was having fevers and increased coughing. I was able to examine her and noted her tonsils were enlarged. We did a rapid strep test in the office which was positive. Mom was able to give her free antibiotics to treat the infection.

After the visit, the mom was almost tearful with gratitude. She was amazed that she didn't have to argue with a nurse to get her kids seen, was able to come in the same day, didn't have to wait in the waiting room at all, and was given a diagnosis with free medicine. All for just $35/month for the child. I was happy we could get her diagnosed and treated at her

doctor's office and they didn't need to go sit at an urgent care and pay more money.

This is the value of DPC! Check us out!


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