Why Should I Pay For DPC When I Already Pay For Insurance?

"That sounds amazing but unfortunately I already pay for health insurance."

Just because you have health insurance, does not mean you have access to health care when you need and want it.

Perhaps your doctor is not available today. Or, you have to wait three hours in the waiting room and be seen for eight minutes. Eight minutes allows you to discuss only one of five things you wanted. Or perhaps you are going to an urgent care to see someone who doesn't know that steroids cause you to react funny because they know nothing about your medical history. But, hey, at least you have insurance!

You have car insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and disability insurance. Do you expect those to cover the little things that come up? Let's say you need wiper blades, an oil change or new a headlight - do you expect your car insurance to cover this? Of course not! Plus if car insurance "covered" an oil change, how much do you think it would cost? $300?

OK let's say you can increase your premium on car insurance and then it will cover the lights and blades when you need them as long as you go somewhere that "takes your coverage" - would you prefer to pay $200 more per month so that when you need wipers, you can get them "covered" but you have to wait three weeks and go to a different mechanic than the one you've always liked bec