Virtual Visits

Many times, Dr. Host can offer medical advice and preliminary diagnosis without seeing a patient in person. Whole Family Medical Care offers Virtual Visits, or telemedicine, to member patients.
Dr. Host now welcomes scheduled phone calls with patients to discuss both emergent symptoms and chronic medical conditions. E-mail, text, video chat and other modes of computer and mobile-device communication can be arranged, too, via a secure, HIPPA-compliant online patient portal.
Think of the advantages:

  • No wait or travel time

  • Keep your regular work schedule

  • No need to arrange childcare

  • ​Same great care from your doctor

It's like a Skype or FaceTime call in place of an office appointment, and just as safe and private.

Telemedicine is not a total replacement for office examinations, of course. But the option of a “distance visit” gives you the chance to have a private conference with Dr. Host even when coming to Whole Medical Care isn’t convenient or possible.
Ask about telemedicine during your next in-person appointment or find out more using our contact form

How It Works

You’ll receive an email and text message prior to the visit. Click the link and you’re connected through a web browser like Internet Explorer, Edge, or Chrome. Once the doctor joins, you’re all set and you never leave your home or office. Everything is secure using the latest encryption technologies. ​Use your laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

Contact Dr. Host to learn more: