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Welcome New Patients

Whole Family Medical Care is a virtual family practice for Michigan and Ohio residents. We use telemedicine to help keep you and yours healthy.

You can join our practice with any insurance plan or no insurance at all. We care for you and we work with only you, directly.

Patients agree to a monthly fee for unlimited and convenient contact by:


  • Secure texting

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Video consultation (secure and HIPAA-compliant)


At Whole Family, there are no additional copays. Patient care is guaranteed by one flat rate. 


And, same day appointments are available for new patients. Dr. Eleanor Host can very likely speak with you today.


Call or email with questions or to set up a "meet and greet" with Dr. Host. 

Adult Membership

Monthly fee: $74.00

Each dependent under 26:

$40 (with one adult)

Family Membership

(2 Adults with 2+ kids)

Monthly fee: $188.00

Each dependent under 26:

Not applicable

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