Pandemic Office Policy

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Whole Family Medical Care is limiting in-person visits where possible. We are available for free telemedicine appointments for our members. Call or click to request an appointment.




Trust these sources for

Covid-19 information:

We are still encouraging telemedicine care whenever possible in place of visits to our office. Please do not make an office appointment if a ‘virtual visit’ may satisfy your needs. Call Dr. Host (419-872-3250) or use our contact form to inquire about telemedicine.

Patients may not visit the office if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has such symptoms in the last 14 days.

Patients who need to visit the office personally are asked to follow some important rules:


  • Unless we need to obtain a urine sample during your office visit, use your own bathroom before coming. DO NOT use the rest room at Whole Family Medical Care unless absolutely necessary.

  • Wash your hands before leaving your house, and do not touch your face until your visit is over (CDC guidelines advise against touching your face at any time).

  • You MUST call us (419-872-3250) when you arrive in our parking lot; Dr. Host will begin your appointment via phone.

  • All patients, regardless of the reason for your office visit, MUST wear an appropriate face mask when they enter our office building. Bandanas are acceptable, but it must cover your mouth and nose, with no gap under your chin.

  • DO NOT bring any item with you into the building, unless it will fit in your pocket.

  • Your visits are for you alone. DO NOT bring anyone into the building with you.

  • DO NOT touch the doors (or their knobs, handles, or levers) in our building. We will open the doors for you when you enter and exit.

  • Use the stair rail if needed or the elevator. These areas and surfaces are being disinfected consistently.

  • We suggest you bring a small container of hand sanitizer and use it to clean your hands after you have reached the second floor of our office building, before you enter our waiting area.

  • When you enter the Whole Family Medical Center waiting area, stand BEHIND the blue dots marked on the floor in the area in front of the reception desk.

  • If you are being weighed, DO NOT touch the scale unless you need to hold the arm rails to maintain your balance.

  • We will try to limit your office visit time to less than 15 minutes, so feel free to chat with Marty by phone, but not while in the office, please.


  • If you are visiting our office for an acupuncture session, DO NOT enter the primary waiting area.

  • Acupuncture patients MUST enter through our secondary back door (this will be marked in the hallway) and NOT through the main office door.

  • Acupuncture patients MUST NOT touch anything except the exam table and your own clothes, and your mask must stay on during your session.

The Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis is not over. The risk of infection in public spaces is still high.

We are eager to re-open our Perrysburg office and see patients who need personal care. But we will follow the strictest of precautions at all times to help ensure the highest possible safety for everyone at Whole Family Medical Care and for all of our patients. Your cooperation is an important part of your own healthcare and care for others. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions about our current policies, please contact the office.

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