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Why not YOU?

Life is short, are you making the most of yours? It is easy in these busy and stressful times to keep putting off those things we are meaning to do “one of these days”. I challenge you to do something about your list of “Things I want to do”.

A first step might be to set aside time FOR YOU once a day to just think about what else you want out of life. Is it better health? Fitness? Weight loss? Travel? Spend more time with your kids and family? Get better sleep? Get out of debt? Ideally, you could have 20 minutes a day to start coming up with your list of things. Try that for a week and then see what your list says. Brainstorm—anything, no matter how impossible, should be on it.

See what time of day you feel most creative and try to make that your “you” time. It may be right after you drink your first cup of tea or coffee for the day, after a morning walk (or during!), or right before lunch or supper. Maybe after dinner, but a few hours before bed. You don’t want to be thinking about anything too pressing right at bedtime. Try to make the time special and uninterrupted.

If only change were as easy as caterpillars make it! Change can seem impossible if you only look at the final result you are chasing. However, anyone can run a marathon if you train for it. Breaking the large goal down into smaller doable steps is the key to making lasting and better life improvements. It also will help to have a specific goal—instead of “lose weight”, say “lose 15 pounds”. Get you list together this week!


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