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Direct Primary Care and Help with Weight Loss

Direct primary care (DPC) is a healthcare model that focuses on providing personalized care to patients through a direct relationship between the patient and their doctor. DPC can be a great option for patients who are looking to lose weight, as it allows for more individualized treatment and support.

In my DPC model, patients have access to their primary care physician on a regular basis, through virtual appointments. This means that patients can receive ongoing support and guidance for weight loss, including nutrition counseling, lifestyle modification, and health coaching. Weekly if need be, with one monthly fee covering all of your visits, instead of multiple copays, or struggling to get an appointment regularly.

DPC doctors including me prioritize preventive care and chronic disease management, which can be especially helpful for patients with underlying health conditions that may contribute to weight gain. By addressing these conditions and providing individualized treatment plans, we can help patients achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health and wellness.

I have helped several patients lose weight over the years to a significant degree. One patient remarked that all of her other doctors over the years just told her "you need to lose weight" but never had any suggestions or offered any help. She has since lost over 50 pounds following my advice and with medication help. If you or someone you know wants to get serious about losing weight, sign up with Whole Family Medical Care and become a DPC weight loss success!


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