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Holistic Health

What does holistic care mean? It is a way of looking at a person as including all aspects of care including mind and spirit, as well as the body. Science has shown a very definite link between the mind and body. We know also that to feel healthy and happy, you need to have a reason or purpose for living.

You often hear that you should be living your “best’ life. If you aren’t sure how to get started, make an appointment at our office. Here at Whole Family Medical Care, we can help you get caught up on all of your age recommended screening exams. We can design a plan for you to get in optimal health. This might involve acupuncture treatments to get you through menopause. Maybe try some massage therapy to not only loosen up tight areas, but also raise your oxytocin level (the love/bonding hormone). If you are having anxiety or stress, talk to our affiliated therapist. If you need help with weight loss, you can also add our weight loss support group.

I am very familiar with herbal supplements and we do have a naturopathic doctor that is available for consultations as well. How many doctors do you know who have several copies of “Natural Healing” in their waiting room?

We also have a meditation teacher who is available for classes. I have been doing meditation since the mid 1990s, some weeks more than others. But, boy, can I tell a difference when I do meditate more regularly. It is very energizing as well as relaxing. I highly recommend it.

I love to see patients take control of their lives in a more holistic way, and stop needing prescription medication to “fix” their problems. If you would like to join our practice, give us a call!


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