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Why do Direct Primary Care?

There is a real problem with America's health care system. There is really not much health or care in it, just a lot of system. Direct Primary Care takes out the insurance hassle and middleman as much as we can to provide you with actual physician expertise to help you navigate your chronic health issues, keep you up to date with screening testing, and be your cheerleader when you are trying to get new healthier habits.

The patients who choose to use my DPC model are looking for an easy to access doctor who gets to know them as a person. I can communicate on your level to get you the information and care you need WHEN you need it. I often hear from patients who say they like their doctor or nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant, but they have to wait 2 or more weeks to be seen. They end up getting most of their care from an urgent care. Why is that so bad?

Studies do show that patients who see the same provider over time have much healthier bodies and less disease. I often catch that you are overdue for your mammogram when you are seeing me for that nagging cough. I can tell that you look or sound more stressed than usual-- maybe we need to address that?

Yes, DPC does come with a monthly fee, but that's all the extra you will pay. No additional copays, and we can often get you cheap labs, or cheaper medications if you pay cash. How much is greater peace of mind, access to care, and a quality Board Certified Physician in your corner worth to you? I charge less than your phone company for expert professional advice when you need it. Call to sign up at 419-872-3250 or visit homepage to join.


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