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Why You Should Have a Family Doctor

I have always been interested in science, as well as mind, body, and spirit of human beings. I really like people, too, so becoming a family doctor was an excellent fit for me. I enjoy learning all about everything, and approaching care from a holistic point of view. How does this help you as a patient?

Having one doctor for you most of your life helps in many ways. I, as the doctor, get a sense of who you are as a person. What your values are, what is important to you, where you live, what life challenges you are dealing with are all factors in giving you good care.

If I take care of the whole family, it helps me see how your life fits together. I can understand why taking your daughter to the Cleveland Clinic to see a specialty-specialist is a hardship on your time. I am aware that the best medicine for you would not get filled since it is too pricey, but also that the generic is similar enough that that will do just fine.

When you call or come in and sound worried, and I know this is your baseline, it helps me look at your whole issue and we can decide together if holding off on 20 tests to figure out what is going on is necessary or not.

I know you had a rash when you took doxycyline that one time when you were on vacation.

I can tell if you look sick or not. When I know your baseline, this is invaluable. I have sent people to the ER from the office who just showed up for a regular appointment. One person had a cough, which turned out to be pneumonia and ended up in the ICU. If they had just gone to an urgent care and saw a random provider, they might have just been sent home with not enough medicine and worsening symptoms a few hours later.

Being a family doctor and having long term care with patients fits extremely well with DPC. For one reasonable monthly payment (it’s probably cheaper than a lot of your other monthly bills), you can get one on one care with someone who knows you well. You aren’t getting randomly assigned to whoever is in the office that day. You aren’t getting one of many doctors who cover the practice at night. You are getting whole body care for the family. You are at Whole Family Medical Care!


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