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We understand that the healthcare system is hard to navigate. Whole Family Medical Care member patients get access to a Board Certified Family Physician who spends more time with you than any medical plan would allow.
With a monthly subscription, Dr. Host will take care of your health needs by phone, text, or through video appointments. There are no additional co-pays for visits, and no insurance hassles.
Members also get discounts on lab work, blood tests, and x-rays.
We are now virtually seeing patients anywhere in Ohio and Michigan.



Whole Family Medical Care is changing healthcare as you know it. Dr. Eleanor Host is a Board Certified Family Physician and acupuncturist. Our members can add massage therapy, weight loss, and counseling services at below market rates to their wellness package.



A number of our patients were kind enough to tell us what they liked about Whole Family Medical. Some also recorded a video statement about why they chose Direct Primary Care at Whole Family Medical Care.


Direct Primary Care 

& Membership Plans



Register as a member patient or schedule an appointment.

Or, use the Registration button to contact Dr. Host.

This is not a HIPAA secure portal, so please leave a simple message on the contact form. Medical details are not needed. We will contact you as soon as possible.


For emergencies, please call 9-1-1 and for urgent issues call the office at 419-872-3250.

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