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Has the combination of staying home and stress eating led to some weight gain? Or would you just like to work on losing some weight now that summer is nearly here? What’s the best diet?

Over the past few years, looking at the research has led me to the best diet is eating mostly whole foods(fruit, veggies, nuts, eggs, meat), as little “sugar” as possible (includes white carbs like white rice, white bread, pasta), and intermittently fasting. You can make the diet vegan or meat-free. Less meat is probably better, especially if it is “processed” with hormones or antibiotics.

Does organic produce matter? Some people may be very sensitive to pesticide residue, and for those people organic is a must. Personally, I like to try to eat organic as I think the produce lasts longer in my fridge, and why eat chemicals if you don’t have to? They also have done some studies on vegetables like kale, and find that the longer they have been sitting around in the fridge, the more cancer fighting chemicals are in the leaves. I mean, don’t eat it if it is clearly rotten, but a little wilted might be good for you!

Fiber is also a fantastic prebiotic to keep you gut bacteria in the right mix. Plant fiber from various sources is excellent. Our ancestors likely ate around 100 grams of fiber a day, mostly because they couldn’t get nutrition any way except chewing it out of roots, leaves, stems, etc. Leave the skin on when you can and feel free to eat it!

The word “fasting” sounds hard and uncomfortable. But the truth is, our bodies have evolved to kick butt when we are fasting. Intermittent fasting is a way to reap some of the biochemical benefits of full on fasting. Studies are showing that just fasting for a full 12 hours (eat from only 6 am to 6 pm, for example) can boost your own production of growth hormone, lower inflammation, improve trigylcerides, lower blood sugar, and cause a mild weight loss of 3-4 pounds over a month. Fasting for longer intervals shows even more benefits and has shown to reverse or CURE diabetes type 2 in many people.

There are lots of resources to look at for guidance if you want to try any of this out, or make an appointment and we can go over how to get started on your weight loss journey! If you prefer the social accountability and interaction with a group, our weight loss group classes are currently meeting weekly via Zoom for an additional $30/month on your membership. We here at Whole Family Medical Care are here to help you live your best life!

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